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“Hired them for a Formative pruning of my front hedge. They arrived as promised and performed accordingly. What impressed me a little was the thorough bird nest check they did prior to the trimming. Will hire them again for the autumn pruning session.”
Mike Meyers, 17.04.2017

“I needed professional help in maintaining my garden on a regular basis. Then I found these lads and my garden is now being kept in shape like never before. They are never late, do their job strictly and are very friendly. I feel safe to leave my garden in their professional hands.”
Jennifer Corey, 04.09.2016

“I’m a garden enthusiast myself, but as my job became more time consuming I needed to find a company that will maintain my garden professionally. A friend of mine was already using their services and recommended I try as well. So I did. They came the same day, did some initial inspection and came out to be quite respectful of my previous job in the garden. We agreed to follow my lines and just do some routine watering, lawn mowing, bush and trees trimming. Every now and then, they also give me a special price for gutter cleaning and jet wash patio cleaning. Overall, I’m happy with their service and intend to keep on using them.”
Tina Davies, 15.04.2016

“I’ve been using their services for almost 4 years now and all I can say is “Excellency at a great price”. Thank you, Jack & Beth Hughes!”
Michael Griffiths, 23.05.2015

“A year ago I faced a serious problem with my garden – most of my seedlings wilted and fell over. That was something I’ve never faced before and that is why I sought a professional help. I’ve stumbled upon these lads and they came to be my young plant’s saviours. After a thorough inspection, they determined that my seed were damping off ( a sort of fungal disease). We agreed on a regular monthly maintenance plan and after a couple of weeks, all my seedlings were saved. They also gave me important tips on how to deal with such a problem in the future – in case, of damping off you should at all cost avoid overwatering and treat the soil with fungicide. I highly recommend Hughes Gardening Services to all Guildford fellow citizens!”
Emilia Harrison, 27.06.2013

“While after I’ve moved to my new house time, came for me to entirely clear my garden because it was left in pretty bad shape by the previous owner. It needed a bit of landscape redesigning since my garden is not that large and I wanted to better utilize the space. Also, my garden needed overall lawn mowing and removing all invasive species. Hughes Gardening Services provided all that at a reasonable cost. They even worked during weekends in order to meet my time requirements. I’m really satisfied with what they did to my garden.”
James Ellis, 13.04.2011

“Called them once for a tree surgery and they provided an OK service. One of the trees they trimmed could have been treated little bit better but I think we kind of miscommunicated about that one. Anyways, will call them again.”
Camilla Patel, 03.07.2010

“Couple of months ago, I decided to completely change the looks of my backyard. Wanted to turn it into a place of solitude, a place to rest and soothe my soul. I started looking for a reliable garden design company and quickly I found HGS. They offered me a contemporary approach, where a series of boardwalks would surround the garden. The green part was a mix of a typical ryegrass coverage with some exotic ferns, perennials, and orchids. They also convinced me to plant a single olive tree, which has now grown to be such a beautiful plant. My garden now looks modern and leave all my guests breathless. Thank you Hughes Gardening Services, you did a great job!”
Elliot C., 13.05.2009

“Called them to take away all the fallen leaves in my backyard and to clear all my house’s gutters. They arrived on time and carried out the job quickly and discretely. A garden provider I will definitely use again.”
Amelia M., 11.10.2008

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