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Garden design in GuildfordWhen you have a tiny garden you’ll want to make the most of every inch, in a larger space you may want to minimise the gardening. You’ll certainly want to make sure that different elements work together. For creating gardens, or for the modernisation of old ones, call us for top-notch garden design in Guildford GU1. Once you have your plans a team of skilled gardeners will take care of the labour if you don’t want to do it yourself. Landscape gardening is just one of the many services we offer. Once the initial work is complete, hand over your garden maintenance to us. We’ll take on as many or as few tasks your need us to, maybe you’d like us to take care of your lawn mowing. Whatever you need done, we have people with the skills to do it and we supply all the tools they need for their work, too.

Garden Landscaping Gurus

Every back yard is as unique as its owner. Our professional garden designers will listen carefully to your needs, then work with you to produce something that will delight you. Garden renovation is not just a service – it is an art! We might not be artists, but we sure know how to use natural materials, arrange them in different geometric shapes, play with colors… We can also reimagine your lawn, scrubbing and active play spaces, thus transforming your garden into a back yard miracle

When you book garden landscaping in Guildford GU1 make sure you choose a company that offers:


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