Impeccable Window Cleaning in Guildford

window cleaning in GuildfordYou need help cleaning your huge french windows? Or maybe you’re not properly equipped to wash your panoramic window located on the 3rd floor? Either way choosing our professional window cleaning Guildford service is the best choice for you. We can quickly dispatch a team of experienced & well-equipped window cleaners that will perfectly clean your window panes, glass surface and sills. Reasonably priced and easy to book, we are at your disposal seven days a week.

You can also combine the water fed pole window cleaning with a quick and efficient gutter and patio cleaning, to get your outdoors all nice and all cleaned up. Comprehensive roof cleaning is yet another service you can call us for – all mildew & dirt will be effectively removed!

Guildford Window Cleaners You Can Trust

How do we proceed?

Our service is discreet and quickly carried out. The result is a perfectly cleaned window that will keep shining long after we are gone. We manage to provide such a quality service by using special equipment – squeegees, ladders, telescopic poles as well as purified water and detergents who ensure a long lasting cleanness of your window’s glass, frames, and sills. Should you tell us to, we can easily remove any kinds of stickers off your windows.

In case your windows are accessible and located no higher than the 4th floor, our skilled window cleaners Guildford can wash them without invading your privacy by using special telescopic poles. They would also apply purified (distilled) water for better & quicker results. For that, we need to have parking access in close proximity (30 meters) so that we can connect our poles with the purified water tanks in our van. Purified water leaves no streaks or stains on the windows after they dry off. Also, it helps protect the windows from quickly accumulating new dirt and dust.

Roof cleaning

Our outdoors cleaning & maintenance services also include gutter and house roof cleaning. We can treat practically all house roof types: gable roof, mansard roof, gambrel roof, flat roof, skillion Roof, jerkin head roof, and also butterfly roof. With the use of powerful jet washing machines, our cleaning technicians can fully remove algae mold, mildew, lichen, moss from roofs and streaky stains.

Easy bookings & Fantastic Discounts

Book two or more of our outdoors cleaning services and besides improving your home’s appearance you can also benefit from a price discount of up to 20%. Hire Hughe’s Gardening Services today and we’ll bring the sunshine back into your home by delivering impeccable window cleaning service in Guildford.
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